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Turning heads: How to craft insights that influence

All the hard work of analysis, synthesis, and writing research reports goes to waste if nobody takes notice. To enhance your impact as a researcher, you need to break free from silos and discover fresh approaches to genuinely engage with stakeholders.

On November 29, we were joined by Notion Staff UX Researcher Bret Scofield, as well as product experts from Notion and Dovetail to explore the art of influencing with insights.

Over the first half of this event, Bret will teach us how to:

  • Craft an insight so it’s actionable—fast

  • Advocate for and distribute insights so stakeholders take notice

  • Advance the research maturity of your org by fostering a culture of insight and innovation

We’ll then turn theory into practice with product experts from Notion and Dovetail who will provide a tactical rundown on how to use the two tools to unsilo teams, distribute insights, and foster a culture built around the customer.

Articles referenced in this episode:

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