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Zapier’s 1,000+ team members have tens of hours back weekly thanks to Dovetail’s centralized insights hub

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Learn how Zapier centralizes customer data and stays connected across their fully remote organization with the help of Dovetail.

Zapier is on a mission to make automation work for everyone. Founded in 2011, they saw an opportunity to connect the software we use every day to streamline workflows more effectively. With Zapier, apps like Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox can integrate to move data between them automatically, freeing up time for users to focus on impactful work.

Head of UX Research Roy Olende shares how Zapier’s internationally scattered teams approach research, as well as why Dovetail has been a game-changer in centralizing customer data, connecting their customer-obsessed teams, and maximizing efficiency through insights that anyone can access—from new starters to leadership.

Keeping hundreds of hours of data accessible in one centralized insights hub

For Zapier, research has always been a priority. It’s how they’ve continuously listened and learned from customers how to build and ship the best automation tools out there. Because of this, the team has amassed hundreds of hours of invaluable customer interviews. 

Before using Dovetail, Zapier housed this wealth of information across multiple platforms. So valuable insights existed in silos, blocking meaningful analysis and collaboration across teams. As the Zapier team scaled, jumping between these platforms to find research processes and guides, along with previously discovered insights, became a challenge. What’s more, data was hard or impossible to find. For a company that valued automation and efficiency, it was clear that something needed to change.

Following the adoption of Dovetail, the research team was able to quickly import and organize research insights in one centralized hub. Now, the team conducts their research confidently, easily finds data from months or years prior, and can resurface invaluable insights to make better product decisions—faster.

Connecting a customer-centric and intrinsically curious workforce

As an organization, Zapier is all about connecting and integrating software. And their culture is no exception—being 100% fully remote with teammates spanning 40 countries around the world, the team at Zapier relies on intuitive tools to help them make well-informed product decisions backed by customer data. Dovetail, as a centralized insights hub, is now an epicenter of invaluable data, enabling access and fostering collaboration across continents. 

Whether they’re a product manager, CSM, designer, engineer, or executive leader, Dovetail empowers everyone at Zapier to make more informed product decisions together. By democratizing research and empowering anyone at Zapier to get closer to their customers, Dovetail helps dozens of teams collaborate seamlessly across the globe. Whether a senior leader is staying close to the customer through watching a Dovetail highlight reel or a new starter is being onboarded and hearing product feedback for the first time, Dovetail brings research to  Zapier team members wherever they are.

Combatting mental overload with simplified insights

As a completely remote company,  Zapier team members are used to collaborating on and sharing information through documents, which can make it hard to process and retain everything without losing sight of what’s important. Tools like Dovetail that consolidate and organize data into digestible insights help reduce the stress Roy and his team experience.

Centralizing insights in one accessible platform has given Zapier teams tens of hours back weekly to focus on what really matters, rather than digging for customer data or doubling up on research. With accessible data that won’t get lost or buried, Zapier has accelerated learning and product development, which ultimately leads to decisions that delight their customers.

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