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Zapier updates: Insight & Project triggers

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17 August 2020
Chris ManouvrierKai Forsyth

Our integration with Zapier lets you connect apps together and move data around using automated workflows called Zaps. With our integration, you can connect your Dovetail account to your Zapier account to unlock powerful workflows and automations with the thousands of apps on Zapier's platform.

Today we're announcing some updates to improve our integration, including:

  • Additional data for the New Insight trigger, including all insight fields.

  • Access to project data through a New Project and Project Updated trigger.

  • Full rich text content for Insights and the Project Readme in Markdown format.

Additional data for New Insight trigger

We've updated the New Insight trigger to include all of the insight fields, and their values, including any extension fields.

The trigger also now includes the name of the user who authored and published the insight, as well as their email address.

Read more information in the Zapier app reference.

New Project and Project Updated triggers

We've also introduced two new triggers: New Project and Project Updated.

Now you can create dynamic workflows in Zapier whenever a new project in Dovetail is created, or when it's updated. Both of these triggers include the project readme.

Read more information in the Zapier app reference.

Markdown format now available

To improve the interoperability of your insights with other tools, the full content of an insight and the project readme will now be available in Markdown format for all Zapier triggers.

Learn more about our Zapier integration and read the full documentation for triggers in our help center. We look forward to hearing the creative ways that you make use of these updates, and always we'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts in our Slack community or over email.

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