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Vero brings the customer to their global team

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Vero’s mission is to build quality, purpose-driven products that help marketing teams get more out of their data. Here’s how Dovetail helps

The globally-dispersed Vero team is small but mighty, with a presence in Australia, the United States, and Europe. They’re committed to building fundamental business software that makes the lives of marketing teams easier. The Vero team uses Dovetail to help streamline their research process and get closer to their customers. Read on to learn how Dovetail fits into their ecosystem and why it’s contributed to next-level product design and “groundbreaking” results for Vero.

Customer closeness for a globally dispersed team

Since Vero provides innovative software for modern marketing tech stacks, the team is constantly reiterating to keep ahead of the software curve and provide the best service possible for their customers. Vero doesn’t have a dedicated research function but, rather, encourages all of its employees to get closer to their customers and learn from their feedback. From designers to support and success teams at Vero, everyone is hopping on customer calls and conducting research to make better product design decisions.

After introducing Dovetail, the Vero team can easily manage their data in one platform, which means they can learn from each other’s research findings and truly democratize research across the business.

The single, centralized repository Dovetail provides makes accessing research far more convenient than switching between multiple platforms. Previously, customer call notes would live siloed in one person’s drive. Now, the entire company has a place to discover and review their teammates’ findings, draw themes, and get a deeper understanding of their customers.

Streamlining and immortalizing the research process

Before Dovetail, the team at Vero conducted research on an ad-hoc basis. While research has always been prioritized, Dovetail has streamlined the research process, making it faster and more efficient for anyone at Vero to hop in and get started.

Today, the Vero team conducts anywhere from three to eight customer calls a week, uploads them to Dovetail, transcribes, and then assesses their research findings. Their goal is to have every customer call in Dovetail. Whether it’s in sales, product design, support, success, or anything in between, every team member at Vero is encouraged to house their data in Dovetail.

Along with uploading customer calls and transcribing them in Dovetail, the Vero team also makes use of the platform’s features, like highlights, to tag important notes. A single word, sentence, or entire paragraph can be tagged, which allows users to be more granular with themes and highlights.

The Vero team also summarizes and shares their research findings using insights. Rather than sitting through an entire customer call recording or talking about their research data secondhand, Vero employees can show a summary of their project that might include relevant evidence like notes, tags, quotes, and media. Introducing a platform with this kind of capability means that anyone can quickly find relevant data to help provide more context and a deeper understanding.

Using Dovetail for onboarding and teaching

Beyond customer research, the team at Vero also uses Dovetail in their onboarding flow for any customer-facing roles. In this way, Dovetail is a tool to illustrate what best practice looks like when it comes to customer interviews. New starters have the opportunity to explore a wide range of research data to get them up to speed and can pick up on details like conversation flow, probing questions, and much more.

Since content in Dovetail stays in there as long as you want it to, anyone at Vero can find and revisit research findings to gain all the context they need to make important product design decisions. Beyond product, however, the Vero team also makes use of Dovetail to come back to re-familiarize themselves on something like customer feedback or sales call. Because Dovetail has search capabilities, the Vero team can quickly find key takeaways within any given transcription before they make any big decisions, which means they’re providing the best experience possible for their customers.

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