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Quantify the impact of research with analytics

31 August 2022
Patrick Sweeney
Tia Alisha

Effective user research can have a huge impact on organizations. For product teams, research informs prioritization and decision-making in the development process, nailing down tight definitions of customer problems, and increasing empathy for users. For the broader organization, research can support critical business decisions feeding directly into pricing, positioning, customer retention, and growth. The fragmentation of tools makes it impossible to quantify UXR’s impact on the organization, making it challenging to answer simple questions around consumption, engagement, and the impact of research.

We believe that researchers should better understand their role in driving decisions that lead to improvements for their customers through clear metrics. Today, we are pleased to introduce two new features: insight metrics and workspace analytics. These two features help researchers demonstrate the tangible impact of research and understand what is resonating with their key stakeholders.

Platform analytics helps research leaders track their team’s output over time and understand ongoing research velocity in a way that the rest of the business can easily understand. You can access workspace analytics from your settings and apply filters to zoom in on particular types of research outputs or time frames.

Insight metrics provide researchers visibility into who is engaging with their insights. Alongside everyday engagement tracking, you can now establish a continuous learning loop between you and your stakeholders in an effort to improve the quality of your research outputs. Click the metrics button to break down your total reach by channel and job role, and view granular engagement metrics to see which part of your research is resonating.

Platform analytics and insight metrics are available in Dovetail now. Jump in and demonstrate your research impact today.

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