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How to measure the impact of your reports

5 October 2022
Sean Bruce
Lisa Nguyen

Once you’ve designed an amazing report full of juicy evidence-backed findings, you can measure its impact and reach using insights’ features.

Understanding the impact of your work can be important for several reasons. It allows you to improve your performance over time by measuring the relative success of each report. You can record exactly how your research has impacted product development, proving the value of research in your organization. Further, you can use this information to demonstrate a greater need for resources or for personal reasons such as discussing pay raises and promotions.

Impact measurement features in insights

You can use the following features to help understand the impact your insights have across your organization:

  • Read receipts that allow you to see who’s viewing your reports, when they’ve viewed it, and how many times they’ve viewed it

  • Inline and page comments for qualitative information on how your stakeholders have engaged with your reports

Who this guide is for

This guide is suitable for anyone looking to share the output of their research with their teams or the wider organization. A few examples of roles that could benefit from this guide include:

  • Researchers looking for a compelling way to share the outcome of their research projects with stakeholders

  • Designers looking for a way to present design research to their team

  • Product managers looking to compile research around a theme or topic (for example a bug, or a roadmap decision)

Make an impact (and then measure it)

As the famous saying goes, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” So let's dive in and have a look at how to measure the impact of your reports.

Use read receipts to see who's engaging with your reports

You can see who’s viewing your insights, when and how many times they’ve been viewed using read receipts. At the top of your insights, icons depicting users, admins, and viewers who have seen your insight appear with the last time they viewed the insight. That way you can see in real-time exactly what kind of impact your research is having.

With this information you can see who your research is reaching in your organization, allowing you to make better decisions around how you share and disseminate findings in the future.

Read receipts allow you to see who your research is reaching. Use this information to make better decisions down the line.
Read receipts allow you to see who your research is reaching. Use this information to make better decisions down the line.

See what your team is saying

Stakeholders can also engage with your report using inline and page comments. This is great for catching qualitative feedback around the reports you make and further understand the impact research has on decision-making in your organization.

Maximise your impact today

Once you've produced an amazing, visually-stunning, evidence-laden report and shared it out among your team and wider org, use read receipts and comments to measure and optimize your impact!

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