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HealthMatch personalizes product experiences with Dovetail insights

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Sydney, Australia
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Dovetail enables HealthMatch to get closer to their customers and empowers the team to show rather than talk about research data to make better product decisions

HealthMatch is on a mission to accelerate medical research, allowing for faster and more efficient access to life-changing medication. Through technology that puts the control back in the hands of the patient, HealthMatch’s goal is to make the process of finding and accessing clinical trials as simple as possible—for everyone. With an empathetic approach to giving their customers the best experience possible, there is very little the HealthMatch team does without conducting research first.

Read on to discover how Joel Pinkham, VP of Growth and Strategic Projects, and his team execute their research and how Dovetail helps in building trust with their customers, centralizing their data in one place, and showing rather than telling invaluable research findings.

Building relationships and trust through customer closeness

As VP of Growth and Strategic Projects, Joel knows that getting close to customers is incredibly important, so he incorporated research questions into the customer onboarding process. This means that Joel has the opportunity to speak directly to customers from the beginning of their journey with HealthMatch.

Because HealthMatch works with patients who are candidates for clinical trials, building relationships is incredibly important. The team truly puts their customers’ health and comfort first, whether they’re speaking to them about their trials, medical history, or in Joel’s case, talking about their experience with the HealthMatch product to improve their UX.

I wouldn't be able to do my best work without connecting with and really understanding my customers.

Joel Pinkham, VP of Growth and Strategic Projects HealthMatch

Making technology to connect patients to clinical research is specialized. It requires the HealthMatch team to learn a lot about how the industry works; it has to be at the core of what they do to make sure they don’t get something crucial wrong. To execute on this, Joel’s approach to research is hands-on and informal, which allows him to meet his customers where they are. Joel really makes a point to get to know his customers and build trust organically through conversations with empathy at the heart of everything he does.

One singular platform to host, assess, and make sense of data

HealthMatch’s users are primarily located on the US East Coast, while the company is headquartered in Australia, so most of their customer calls happen at either 6:00 AM or 11:00 PM local time. Being up early or late and always doing interviews independently meant that before introducing Dovetail, it was a challenge to take in all the information without jotting down notes the whole time. Instead of taking notes, the HealthMatch team would much rather remain present and ask thoughtful, probing questions throughout.

Dovetail supports me primarily when I’m on customer calls. Since I trust the platform to house, transcribe, and pull out important bits of information, I have the freedom to remain fully connected and present on my customer calls. I don’t need to rely on anyone else to take notes, which is hugely valuable.

Joel Pinkham, VP of Growth and Strategic Projects, HealthMatch

Joel also saves a lot of time with Dovetail. Rather than hopping around different platforms trying to locate various research notes and collect important data, he can easily find it and quickly share it with relevant stakeholders on the fly. And on the flip side, he’s not wasting HealthMatch engineers’ time by over-explaining his case or sharing irrelevant findings about the project. They can watch the key takeaways for themselves without having to hunt for the information.

HealthMatch uses Dovetail to capture, transcribe, and keep important research data to remain fully present on customer calls.

Show rather than talk about important research findings

Dovetail helps Joel show rather than tell the important research he’s gathered for HealthMatch’s stakeholders. Getting exposure to customer feedback also means that more and more teams at HealthMatch are getting closer to their customers, which enables them to build better products and experiences.

Dovetail added a lot of value to HealthMatch’s sessions that focus on a problem and rough solution of what the team is building in their product. This includes the product team and engineers that are working on that specific feature. In these sessions, Joel can really easily and quickly find an interview, bring up the tags, and play that 20-second clip straight from the customer. This helps to provide all the context the team needs to make product decisions.

If you work in the healthcare industry, we're excited to share that Dovetail is HIPAA ready. We've always been focused on security and data protection and are thrilled to support our healthcare customers further to help manage PHI, such as advanced restrictions on sharing, access, and data exporting. You can learn more about our HIPAA solution on our Enterprise page or by contacting our team today.

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