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Hampr harnesses customer insights to build exceptional workplaces with Dovetail

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Sydney, Australia
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This is how Hampr uses Dovetail to enhance workplace culture through the power of food and experiences

Hampr is the one-stop solution for workplace needs. The team partners with office administrators to spark a positive and productive environment at work, whether they’re remote or coming into an office or workplace. This is how Dovetail is helping to power Hampr’s mission to create exceptional experiences in the workplace.

Getting started with Dovetail in minutes, not hours

The Hampr team is obsessed with providing the best customer experience possible. Whether they’re delivering one-on-one support to their 250+ customers, organizing corporate catering, designing events and celebrations, setting up team activities, or improving the Hampr UX, the growing organization has a lot to look after. This is why Albert Chu, Head of Growth, and his team at Hampr opt for simple, user-friendly tools that make their lives easier.

Before using Dovetail, Albert and his team didn’t have a central platform to house, analyze, and make sense of their customer research data. After hearing about Dovetail through an industry connection, Albert decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised when he could sign up and start using the research platform right away.

Hampr is growing quickly. Their current headquarters are in Sydney, having already expanded their services across Australia within a couple of years and more recently offered services into New Zealand and Singapore. Having a platform like Dovetail to house all of their research is important as Hampr continues to scale. That way, customer research insights can be easily accessed and visited over and over to pull out key takeaways and findings as they continue to expand.

Uploading, transcribing, and tagging customer research with ease

Hampr is a platform that helps office managers, people managers, or executive assistants easily order catering, pantry items, or organize events for their teams. Hampr users can order everything in one place without having to reach out to different suppliers or vendors and action invoices all in one place.

Like Hampr, Dovetail is a single, centralized platform that makes life easier for those who use it. If the Hampr team has a new project, they kick it off within Dovetail, developing their research plan, including the approach and interview questions, and attaching documents that add context. Albert and his team found Dovetail could streamline their process and fit naturally into their existing research ecosystem.

Finding inspiration from a global research community

Along with features like transcribing and tagging, Albert and his team find value in Dovetail’s resources. Along with weekly live demo sessions and a free Slack community with 6,000+ other people who conduct research, Dovetail also has a collection of blogs for tips and tricks to help master your research. To kick off Dovetail projects with ease, explore the Dovetail community. Explore over 100 project templates and tag boards to save time and avoid starting each project from scratch.

“We felt pretty looked after from the get-go. From the demo to the Slack community for Dovetail, I’ve had all my questions answered around UX and UI. I’ve also liked the open communication, so I can share feedback and feel like my opinions are heard.”

Albert Chu, Head of Growth, Hampr

Looking for more? Head over to Outlier, a platform dedicated to content that sparks conversations, opinions, and commentary on trending topics, and the latest big ideas to master your craft.

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