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Expert panel: How to design a successful research repository

Research repositories are the way of the future.
23 February 2022

Lots of effort in research is lost after it’s published. The problem is not the value of the insights but that the findings are fragmented across wikis, research repositories, and random folders in the cloud. That's why you sometimes need an expert’s touch to know what to do with your repository.

Our expert panel shared how they designed and managed research repositories that have succeeded at scale. Check out the recording below to hear what these experts had to share:

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A little bit more about our amazing panelists

Matt Duignan is the product manager and creator of Microsoft’s organization-wide research repository, which connects research insights from the 46-year-old organization with its 181,000 employees.

Andrew Michael developed a framework for sharing research knowledge that he used while leading the business intelligence unit at Hotjar during its climb from six million to 25 million in annual revenue. He’s now taking those lessons and turning them into Avrio, a product designed to help others have Hotjar’s success. 

Fatima Kamali is a UX researcher with more than ten years of experience in the design industry and academia. She supports the product team at Swyftx to continually improve the usability and accessibility of its cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Dr. Emily DiLeo is an archivist and ethnographer who recently pivoted to UX. Emily helped implement a knowledge management system at the Yale University Library and now conducts qualitative research in the UX space to help teams prepare for repository implementation.

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