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Eucalyptus uses Dovetail to democratize customer research and shape the future of healthcare

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This is how Eucalyptus is using Dovetail to change the future of healthcare

Eucalyptus dreams, builds, and runs digital healthcare companies. Over 250,000 patients trust their five healthcare brands, including men’s healthcare brand Pilot, women’s fertility and telehealth service Kin, skincare brand Software, sexual wellness company Normal, and women’s healthcare brand Juniper.

Eucalyptus’ brands, known as “digital clinics,” specialize in areas that can be stigmatized in a traditional healthcare system. The innovative organization takes product development very seriously, so naturally, customer research plays a huge role. Read on to learn how Lyena Fi, Senior Product Manager, and the Eucalyptus team are revolutionizing healthcare through customer closeness - made possible by Dovetail’s centralized research platform.

“Patients across our brands love us, and they inspire us to do our best work every day."

Revolutionizing healthcare through customer closeness

Eucalyptus creates digital healthcare companies that flip traditional healthcare services on their head. Whether it's men’s health, skincare, women’s obesity, fertility, or sexual health, traditional healthcare systems often fall short in providing the care that’s needed. That’s why Eucalyptus is committed to creating specialized treatment and healthcare advice so that everyone has access to the care they need.

For Eucalyptus, getting closer to their customers is what helps them build brands, services, and products their customers love. To do this, they use Dovetail to manage all of their customer research. Lyena and her teammates speak to their customers about the problem spaces of healthcare. Their feedback becomes the foundation of the product strategy that gets built to solve these problems.

With Dovetail, the team carries out a robust research approach by identifying goals and creating questions that align with them. This is worked into their strategy, along with who they’ll be speaking with to hear this feedback. After the research is conducted, the team then analyzes their findings with things like trends, categorizing different patient identities, and identifying which point they’re at in their unique customer journey.

“I love the highlight feature in Dovetail. It makes it really easy to highlight a trend across multiple projects.“

Lyena Fi, Senior Product Manager, Eucalyptus

Highlight and tag your transcripts seamlessly.
Highlight and tag your transcripts seamlessly.

Supporting continuous research through one centralized platform

Eucalyptus moves quickly, as they’re constantly evolving their digital clinics to deliver the best experience for their customers. To keep up with their growth, it’s important to have a centralized platform to keep research organized, secure, and accessible.

Eucalyptus works cross-functionally, so having the ability for anyone to find, absorb, and revisit findings is really important. If the organization is doing research on side effects, for example, the product team can create medical interventions— a treatment or action to prevent or treat disease or improve health, to track those side effects easily. The medical team is then able to deliver more specialized advice for those interventions. Their marketing team can share that information in their communications to customers, so they have expectations set early on how to prevent side effects. Since research is stored in Dovetail forever, the Eucalyptus team can re-watch customer interviews to improve their customer experience continuously.

Democratizing research across marketing, data, creative, and engineering teams

Because of their obsession with their customers, Eucalyptus encourages everyone to participate in research. While researchers are responsible for leading and synthesizing the research on any given project, nearly every function at Eucalyptus is involved with customer research.

Regardless of their function, everyone at Eucalyptus is working towards the same goal. That’s why every team member is given the opportunity to understand their customers on a deeper level by building context and empathy through raw customer data. Since it’s all hosted in Dovetail, anyone can browse key takeaways through insights and reports. Eucalyptus shows no signs of slowing down, with plans to take on more digital clinics. So having a point of reference as they continue to build and nurture more products makes sense.

“Our product-led engineers have said they’ve found Dovetail really valuable. After being on customer calls, they’re able to make decisions that cater to our customers to surprise or delight more when they’re building a feature.“

Lyena Fi, Senior Product Manager, Eucalyptus

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