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Dovetail in the details: 23 product improvements to lift your experience

Dovetail in the details
30 November 2022
Renee LiangAlly KendallSean Bruce
Tia Alisha

We’re here to help you make better products, and it’s important we start in our own backyard by making Dovetail the best it can be. We’ve always been committed to quality and bringing delight to the way you work. Sometimes this means big, shiny new features that revolutionize how you approach your research craft. But more often, it’s the little things that really add up and make a difference over time. A tweak here, a polish there—our team is listening and sweating the details because we know even a one percent shift, made consistently, compounds in big ways for you.

Here’s the first in what will be many celebrations of the small things. In the details this edition, we’re sharing upgrades to canvas, new ways to filter your data, and some handy shortcuts to improve your workflow.


1. Searching in canvas? Now use ⌘ F to quickly search

2. Outlines will track to your zoom so they’re visible up close or far away

3. The Zoom and Undo buttons are now easier to find

4. We’ve tweaked the background color to make cards more readable

5. We’ve also added dots to the background so you don’t get lost in space

6. Objects now snap to the grid so you can easily move and align them

Position your cards and text neatly in canvas with snap to grid.

Fields, groups, and filters

7. Haven’t added fields to your notes yet? Use the Uncategorized group!

8. Removing a filter is now intuitive with a trash can icon

9. Filter your insights by tag, tag group, or tag board to discover themes

10. We’ve added a new creator field to notes or insights

11. Filter your notes, insights, and highlights by ‘Created by’

Find exactly what you're looking for by filtering by creator, tag, tag group, or tag board.

Boards, highlights, and insights

12. See the insights a highlight is already referenced in

13. You can now Select all data in any project view to perform bulk actions

14. Insights and note counts are now visible at a glance in board layout

Quickly see the count at the top right corner of the group in board layout.

Uploads and video

15. You can now import a CSV from Google Drive to tag boards

16. Drag and drop folders and files into notes, insights, and tags

17. Preview thumbnails for PDFs on notes and insights

18. Now when you upload a video, it’ll play back instantly while processing

19. Press the new Play button to start playback at a specific timestamp

Hear directly from that speaker by clicking the play icon.

Other improvements

20. Access your personal and workspace settings in the same place

21. We’ve cleaned up settings and combined integrations into one view

22. Now it’s super fast to mark all notifications as read

23. New handy shortcuts to save you from clicking and scrolling around!

Hover to uncover these handy shortcuts.

Stay tuned for more small improvements in the future! We love feedback too. Let us know how you’re using these features by tweeting us or joining the discussion in our Slack Community.

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