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Stay on top of new insights across the org with Discover

Illustrated screenshot of the new Discover feed in Dovetail.
15 July 2019
Benjamin Humphrey

A typical story we hear from new customers is that their user research insights are buried within folder structures in storage tools like Box, Dropbox, and Drive, or unstructured wikis like Confluence and Notion. One of the reasons customers love Dovetail is because we help them standardize their research structure with dedicated features like tags and insights.

Although research insights typically originate from a specific piece of work, there’s a clear need for them to be surfaced outside of the original source project. Researchers are motivated to share their insights with stakeholders to avoid their research becoming shelf-ware, and to build empathy. Stakeholders like product managers, designers, and executives are always hungry for customer insights in order to make better decisions.

Our new Discover feature displays a feed of recently published insights from the research team across all projects in the workspace. Insights you haven’t read yet are indicated with a pulsing red dot in the top right of the card, so it’s easy to keep track of what’s new.

A screenshot of an insight open in a modal in the Discover feed.
A screenshot of an insight open in a modal in the Discover feed.

This is the first step in a set of features that will improve discovery and collaboration of user research across organizations. Eventually Discover will surface more types of data like recent discussions and active projects, and over time, we will start ‘pushing’ the contents of Discover out to the organization through email notifications and weekly digests.

World-class customer satisfaction, excellent support and reliability, and competitive pricing make Dovetail the obvious choice for companies looking to standardize user research and share customer knowledge across their organization. Now with Discover and unlimited free viewer accounts, there’s no better time to invite your whole organization onto Dovetail to share research insights far and wide.

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