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Turn customer data into needs and pain points. Transcribe, analyze, and uncover themes fast.

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Store and search years of research in one place. Give stakeholders everything they need to make better decisions.

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Expand research across your organization with customization, security, and compliance features built with enterprise in mind.

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Speed up analysis

Let customer understanding come to with automated reports about themes and trends across all of your feedback.

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Surface research insights in the tools your stakeholders use with Slack, Atlassian, Notion, and Zapier

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We’re committed to ensuring security and compliance. Dovetail is SOC 2 certified, and GDPR and HIPAA ready.

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Sherif Mansour

Distinguished PM


I’ve been involved in software research projects for nearly 12 years. This process is often incredibly messy, tedious and highly intensive (in terms of labor). You’re living in sticky note hell and it’s even more challenging to do this as a remote team. The one thing Dovetail does an incredible job at is making it easy to aggregate qualitative research, identify trends and produce reports quickly without all that manual work.

Benjamin Jackson


Hear Me Out

I love how easy Dovetail makes tagging and analyzing lots of interview transcripts. The interface is fast and responsive, and I’m able to get more data and insights because of how well the tool fits into my workflow.

Becky White

Head of Design Research


Dovetail brings everything into one place. Everyone in the product team can easily go in and view research sessions. It makes everything less chaotic, more organized, and the research team less stressed.

Matt Hinds

Product Manager


Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Chris Hexton

CEO and Co-Founder


Since adopting Dovetail, we've got one place to put all those (customer) conversations and that's meant that more of the right people are able to watch direct customer feedback. And that's been a huge help for ensuring everyone is close to the customer and really understanding their problems.

Natalie Rowland

Lead Researcher


Simply put, Dovetail enables collaborative work. It also gives us the opportunity to use, analyze, and re-use data to pull together stories, which is time-saving and really valuable.

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