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Product strategy is simple: an actionable and hands-on guide to getting it right

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Product management is undergoing a revolution. With changing economic conditions and an ever-evolving tech landscape, the profession is at a critical juncture.

This means product managers need to deliver value more effectively. And the best place to start is strategy.

We’re going back to basics with the help of Prod MBA Founder and Lead Mentor Henry Latham. By cutting through the fluff and unnecessary complexity, Henry will show you how most teams get strategy wrong—and importantly, how to fix that.

On February 21, 2 PM PST, he’ll cover:

  • Actionable ways to define your product strategy

  • How to validate product strategy before building anything

  • How product discovery can help you define product strategy

  • Ways you can stand out and position yourself as a strong product leader

Henry has coached over 380 current and aspiring product leaders globally. His hands-on, real-world approach has helped simplify strategy for organizations large and small. This event will be a fantastic opportunity for the product community to get back to basics and focus on what really matters—delivering exceptional products that customers truly value.

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