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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dovetail is the world’s leading customer insights hub, helping thousands of teams build better products. From user feedback and customer interviews to support tickets and sales calls, Dovetail helps you uncover insights fast—no matter the method. Driven by ambition and innovation, the Dovetail team is customer-obsessed and on a mission to help the world improve the quality of every thing. Join the ranks of Atlassian, The New York Times, Spotify, Universal, Porsche, Starbucks, and thousands more as they put their customer first with Dovetail and improve the quality of their thing.

Founded in 2017, Dovetail has 100+ employees across offices in Sydney and San Francisco.

We're looking for Machine Learning Engineers to join our Product Engineering Team focusing on the full Project Experience for our customers. The team has extremely high impact and is faced with the challenge of building a powerful product whilst providing simplicity to our customers.

We’re all about sweating the details on delightful experiences, tackling ambitious technical challenges head-on, and constantly delivering customer value. As a Engineer, you will be a critical part of guiding our teams in executing projects, being proactive in identifying changes in our architecture whilst playing a key role in defining and communicating our tech strategy to the rest of the product organization.

Who you’ll work closely with

Erin Campbell
Engineering Manager
Vince Mu
Software Engineer
Cameron Lazell
Engineering Manager
Jack Gardner
Software Engineer

What you’ll do

  • Join our product engineering team. You'll be a crucial part of our product team, working closely with your engineering manager, team lead, designer, and other engineers to evolve the feature set of Dovetail's product.

  • Driving AI enablement. Enabling and empowering others to build and improve AI features across the product teams and greater organisation.

  • Deliver high-quality software design. Working with your product team, you'll identify, define, design, and implement technical solutions for Dovetail’s web product, including both frontend and backend development, to create meaningful value for our customers.

  • Mentor and support other engineers. We're growing quickly and as a senior engineer, you'll assist in optimizing the team to continually improve their software practices through code review, pair programming, design sparring, etc to support career growth.

  • Foster a culture of pragmatism. You'll maintain and foster a pragmatic approach to software development whilst also collaborating towards the establishment of detailed guidelines and standards for product development processes based on industry best practices and your experience.

Your background

  • Extensive experience building ML products. You'll have hands-on exposure to building, designing, developing, and researching Machine Learning systems and models, including productionizing them with technology like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Node, ProseMirror, PostgreSQL and AWS.

  • Performance evaluation. Ability to evaluate RAG pipelines and LLM tasks.

  • Productionizing ML models. Expertise in Fine tuning and deploying ML pipelines and models, particularly large language models (LLMs) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) pipelines.

  • You are pragmatic and flexible. Like your new teammates, you're used to doing what's necessary to get the job done. You'll need to be comfortable with ambiguity, resourceful in solving problems, and able to adjust to shifting deadlines and project goals.

  • When you do it, you nail it. You share our keen eye for quality. You don't half-ass your work, instead what you ship is top-notch. You cut scope before cutting quality.

  • Excellent, concise communicator. You can easily convey your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with your product team and have the ability to articulate effort vs impact tradeoffs.

Nice to have:

  • Search engines & NLP expertise. Strong background in search engines, information retrieval, and natural language processing.

  • Real-time systems. Practical knowledge in productionizing chatbots or real-time LLM systems.

  • Cost optimization. Experience in optimizing costs for model deployment and maintenance.

  • Recommendation systems. Experience in building and optimizing recommendation systems, including search result ranking and custom homepages.

At Dovetail, we’re passionate about building and fostering an environment where every team member feels supported and valued. We celebrate individualism, welcoming everyone to show up as their authentic selves every day. It’s no secret that diversity builds the best teams, large or small, so we highly encourage applications from people who identify as part of an under-represented group.

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Sydney, Australia
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Equity for everyone

Everyone’s an owner at Dovetail—receive equity options along with a competitive base salary.


Find your people. From running to go-karting, bouldering to surfing, there is a club for everyone.

Equal parental leave

We offer an inclusive framework of 20 weeks equal paid leave to support new parents.

Modern and pet friendly offices

Bring your pooch to our modern, ergonomic offices, plus enjoy organized monthly events.

Flexible work life balance

Whether you're a parent, student, or juggling a million things, we get it. While we're an office-first culture, we work together to make your schedule work for you.

Develop and grow

Take a course, attend a lunch and learn, or head to a conference! We love to support you any way we can.

Extra paid days off

Enjoy ad-hoc ‘KitKat days’ to take a step back and spend it however you like.

Health is wealth

Every Dovetailer has access to Uprise (Employee Assistance Program) for themselves as well as their families.

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