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Last updated22 May 2024
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Dovetail is cloud-based customer feedback software for analysis, organization, collaboration, and storage of user and customer data. With Dovetail, researchers, analysts, designers, and product managers can store user research data in one place, analyze qualitative data to discover patterns and insights, and share research findings with the rest of their organization.

Why use Dovetail?

Dovetail exists to improve the quality of every thing. Dovetail centralizes feedback, helping you uncover insights, prioritize roadmaps, and stay compliant while enabling teams to put their customers first and make better decisions every day.

With Dovetail, you have the power to:

  • Centralize insights from research projects and feedback tools.

  • Find relevant insights to inform ideation and roadmaps.

  • Uncover patterns in data with advanced analysis features.

  • Build customer empathy in the wider product team.

  • Ensure compliant data storage and processing.

How do other organizations use Dovetail?

Organizations like Canva, Atlassian, and Harvard Business Publishing leverage Dovetail to solve common challenges.

Data securityMaintaining and adhering to data requirements and policies.
Traceable findingsResearch reports and presentations lose the context of the original raw data.
CollaborationEngagement is low and collaboration is difficult.
Fragmented toolsInsights and data are siloed across multiple tools in the organization.
Stakeholder buy-inStakeholders don’t engage with our findings and sharing is difficult.
Standardizing researchDriving consistency in our research practice across the team.
Time-consuming analysisAnalysis is expensive and time-consuming.

Where does Dovetail fit in my workflow?

The core experience of Dovetail is designed to fit into a researcher, designer or product manager's existing workflow after conducting a round of customer interviews or receiving feedback from customer communication channels.

Centralizing raw customer data

  • Customer interviews, usability tests, NPS responses, support tickets, CSAT, industry reports, and sales calls can all be brought into Dovetail and contribute to richer research output.

  • Dovetail integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive, Zoom, and Zapier, so bringing customer data into Dovetail from your existing tool stack is seamless.

Making sense of themes in your data

  • Raw data gathered after conducting customer research or receiving feedback can be analyzed and broken down into single points in Dovetail.

  • Raw video or audio files can be transcribed to break down long customer interviews or calls.

  • Single points highlighted in transcripts create short video or audio clips, removing time-consuming editing software and processes.

Synthesizing and summarizing findings

  • Analyzed data can be regrouped into themes on a canvas view. This is a whiteboard where you can collaborate with your team to map your single points, similar to Miro, or using Post-it notes.

  • You can create a summary of your research from your synthesis, which can be created directly into a report within Dovetail.

  • This report can contain a video or audio reel of short clips as a compelling way to bring your customer's voice to the forefront of your findings, connect recommendations to evidence, and gain trust and buy-in from your stakeholders.

Sharing and presenting your findings

  • Outputs of customer research can be shared and presented to stakeholders directly from Dovetail to balance data ethics and responsible management of PII.

  • If your organization uses Slack, Notion, Productboard, Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, or Trello), or Microsoft Teams, you can use our integrations to share your insights in tools that your stakeholders already work within.

How do I get started with Dovetail?

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Last updated22 May 2024
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