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Add, remove and manage users

Last updated22 November 2023
Read time2 min

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Invite users to your workspace

New users can be invited by navigating to Settings > Users.

Workspace admins can invite at any role level, while non-admin users can only invite others at a role level equal, or less than their own.

Users can be invited individually via email by clicking Invite users. After sending the invite, the users will receive an invite link via email along with steps to join the workspace.

Workspace admins also have the option to enable domain-restricted sign-up, which will allow anyone with a matching email to join your workspace when they create a Dovetail account.

  • To enable domain-restricted sign-up, navigate to Settings > Workspace > Authentication.

Remove users from your workspace

Workspace admins have two options available if they need to remove a user from the workspace:

  • Deactivate user → If a user is deactivated, they will no longer have access to the workspace, but their account will still exist in case you wish to reactivate them later. Additionally, deactivated users will continue to appear as authors on their contributions.

  • Delete user → If a user is deleted, their account will be completely removed and cannot be added back. Their contributions will remain in the workspace, but they will be removed as author.

User roles in Dovetail

In Dovetail there are three roles that can be assigned to users in your workspace. These are ViewerContributor, and Manager.

ManagerCan manage project and repository settings, create and manage workspace tags, workspace fields, and templates, and can contribute to and analyze data. Managers are often researchers.
ContributorCan contribute to, and analyze data within projects. Contributors are often researchers, product managers, or designers.
ViewerCan view, comment, and share projects, as well as subscribe to notifications. Viewers are often stakeholders, managers, clients, or other teams.

Grant admin access to users

In addition to their workspace role, users can also be granted admin access.

  • To do this, hover next to the user name, select ••• (Actions), and select Grant admin access.

Admin access will allow a user to:

  • Manage billing

  • Deactivate and remove users

  • Manage workspace branding

  • Manage authentication options

  • Delete the workspace

Permissions by role

Can view, comment, and share projects
Can subscribe to notifications
Can contribute data to projects
Can create and manage projects
Can configure access control 1
Can create workspace tags & fields 1
Can create templates 1
Can add transcription vocabulary 1
Can edit home and feeds 2


  1. Available on Team and above 2 3 4

  2. Available on Business and above


If I remove someone from the workspace, will their comments and projects remain in Dovetail?

Any projects, insights, stories or comments published by a removed user will remain in the workspace. These will, however, appear to be made by a "Deleted user".

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