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Organize users into groups

Business and Enterprise only

This feature is only available on our business and enterprise plans. Business and enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on business and enterprise.

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Workspace admins can organize users into groups to make managing access permissions easier across the workspace. With user groups, you can grant or restrict access to content for multiple users at once so that you don't need to manage permissions individually.

Enterprise customers

SCIM is coming soon! Due to this, we recommend creating user groups automatically through SCIM once available for your workspace.

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Creating a user group

To view and create user groups:

  1. Click the ⚙️ at the top right of the screen.

  2. Go to the Groups tab and click New group.

  3. A group called Untitled group will be created and in-focus for you to rename.

  4. Type a name for the group into the input. If the group is already named, you can rename it using the ••• menu on the right.

Adding users to a group

  1. Click the arrow on the left of the Groups table to expand the members.

  2. Click Add members.

  3. Search for and select user using the dialog.

  4. Click Add.

When added to a group, users will adopt the permissions of the group, which may result in their access to content changing.

Removing users from a group

  1. Click the arrow on the left of the Groups table to expand the members.

  2. Click the cross next to the user you wish to remove.

  3. Confirm by clicking Remove member.

Deleting a group

If you need to delete a group, you can delete them from Groups in settings.

  1. Navigate to the group you want to delete and click •••

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Confirm by selecting Delete group.

If the deleted group had access to restricted work, you may be asked to assign a new owner to takeover the group's permissions.

Sharing with groups

Contributors can add groups to folders, projects, workspace tags, fields, and templates, and manage their access using the Share dialog.

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Last updated 17 May 2023

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