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Dovetail buyer’s guide

Last updated14 March 2024
Read time4 min

We want buying Dovetail to be easy for you and your team. That’s why we've crafted a four-step guide to help you through your buying journey. From maximizing your seven-day trial to equipping procurement teams with everything they need for approval, we’ve got you covered.


Step 1: Start your free trial

Kick off your seven-day trial and make an informed decision about whether Dovetail aligns with your needs and solves your challenges.

Download our trial plan below to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your seven days of Dovetail.

Seven-day trial plan

Our trial guide lists steps and activities to complete each day so you get the most out of your evaluation of Dovetail.

Make a copy

Step 2: Evaluation and success planning

Vendor comparison

We understand that even if you know Dovetail is the best option, you still have due diligence to perform. To speed up this process for you, we have created a vendor comparison matrix that will assist you in benchmarking Dovetail and other vendors.

We have pre-filled in the Dovetail sections and provided space for you to add other vendors as well as your own evaluation criteria.

Vendor comparison

Make a copy of our vendor comparison matrix and use it to compare Dovetail with other vendors.

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Success plan

Our success plan provides a clear path to implementation and success. We’ll give you guidance on the level of activity and outputs you should aim for at 30 and 60 days, including key success metrics to track your progress against.

The plan also contains curated training and learning resources to ensure your team feels confident they’re getting the most out of Dovetail. A good starting point is our weekly live Getting started in Dovetail sessions and Dovetail Academy courses.

Success plan template

Set your team up to succeed by making a copy of this template. We'll guide you through your first 60 days.

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Step 3: Convince your boss and team

It’s time to get your team and boss on board. Get your stakeholders bought in with resources that help you showcase the power of Dovetail and the challenges we solve for your team.

Proposal to present to your boss and team

We’ve built a custom proposal generator to help communicate the value of Dovetail, the challenges we solve, and how we solve them. No need to pull all the info together yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Build your own custom proposal

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll generate a presentation for you to download and share with your stakeholders.

Build now

Business case template

Our business case template provides a structured format that you can customize to fit your unique requirements. We’ve included evidence-backed reasons for why customer insights are essential for business success and the potential impact of not getting on board with Dovetail. Just download the template, pick the criteria that makes sense for you and your team, and you’re good to go.

Dovetail business case template

Copy and customize this template by adding or removing any information to make it relevant to the needs of your organization.

Make a copy

Step 4: Make your procurement team’s life easy

We know there are many moving parts to navigate when purchasing a new tool. Simplify your buying process with our comprehensive procurement pack and provide the right information to all your teams.


Your finance team will likely need you to complete the following steps to approve your purchase of Dovetail.

  1. Raise a quote

    • Raising a quote is usually the first step. A workspace admin can generate one from within your Dovetail workspace.

  2. Confirm payment method

    • You can choose to pay by credit card or invoice. To be eligible to pay by invoice, your team must be on a yearly billing cycle and have a subscription above $5,000 USD.

  3. Add your purchase order number (PO) to your invoice or quote

    • You can add your PO or reference number when updating your plan or downloading your quote. You will be prompted to input your billing details, and your invoice or quote will include your nominated PO.

  4. Provide our company information and bank details

    • Your team may require this information when adding Dovetail as a new or existing vendor for your organization. This page is a great resource to also share with your legal, privacy, and security teams if they require further information about Dovetail for internal processing.

Our legal center is the one-stop shop for our customer terms, user terms, privacy policies, GDPR information, and agreements.

Your legal team may also want quick links to our Master Subscription Agreement and our User Terms of Service. Please note, we can only consider changes to our agreements for customers purchasing our Business or Enterprise plans.


We have labored over creating a single source of truth that allows your security team to tick off Dovetail as an approved vendor.

Share our Trust Center with your team for access to our policies, real-time monitoring, and supporting documentation including our DPA.

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