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How to pay for Dovetail

Last updated26 March 2024
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You pay for the plan and the number of users who contribute to and edit work in Dovetail. Learn how to purchase Dovetail below as well as our plan offerings and inclusions on our pricing page.


manager or contributor is someone who can edit content across Dovetail. They will be paid users who can contribute and analyze data. Managers and contributors are typically researchers, designers, and product managers.

viewer is someone who doesn’t contribute content or analysis across Dovetail, like stakeholders, managers, clients, or other teams. Viewers have free, read-only access and cannot edit anything.

Those granted with admin access do not have to occupy a paid manager or contributor user role in the workspace.

Accepted payment methods

You can pay for your Dovetail subscription automatically at the start of each billing period using a credit card. If you are purchasing an annual subscription for over $5,000 USD, we can email an invoice for you to pay within 30 days. We accept credit card or ACH payments to an account in the United States.

Automatically generate a quote

If you require a quote, a workspace admin can generate one from directly within your workspace.

To generate a quote:

  1. Navigate to ⚙️ Settings > Billing

  2. Click Change plan

  3. Select your desired plan and user quantity

  4. If you need to update your billing information, press Continue

  5. Click Download quote

If you want to add or remove seats from your subscription or change to a different plan, the quote will automatically calculate the pro-rated cost at the time of creation.

Pay automatically by card

If you choose to pay for your subscription by card, we’ll securely send your credit card details to our payments provider Stripe, who will automatically charge the card at the beginning of each billing period (month or year).

Admins can update the nominated card for payment at any time.

Pay manually by invoice

If you choose to pay your subscription by invoice, you’ll receive an email containing the payment instructions at the start of each billing period. The invoice is sent by our payments provider Stripe, but it’ll have our company name: Dovetail Research Pty. Ltd.

You can pay invoices immediately by credit card via Stripe (recommended), or you can transfer an ACH or Wire payment to our bank account.

  • To change the payment method from credit card to invoice, your team must first be on a yearly billing cycle and have a subscription above $5,000 USD.

  • From there, admins can go to ⚙️ Settings > Billing > Change plan. Admins must proceed through the billing flow until the Payment page, change the nominated payment method then Update subscription.

Resellers and suppliers

Dovetail does not have a reseller or supplier program, nor do we offer discounts for resellers or suppliers.

All subscriptions must be created and purchased by an end-user from within our billing interface. We cannot accept purchase orders or manually provision subscriptions on behalf of customers, resellers, or suppliers.

To purchase and create a subscription, sign up for and upgrade a new trial workspace. You can upgrade the workspace in ⚙️ Settings > Billing > Explore plans. Proceed through the billing flow to submit customer and billing details and upgrade the workspace.


Where can I download previous invoices?

Workspace admins can view and download all previous invoices by navigating to Settings > Billing.

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