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Last updated16 April 2024
Read time3 min

Use our advanced global search to quickly find insights, answer questions, and discover new data from your workspace. Utilize exact search matching and filters to refine your search results further.

Professional and Enterprise only

This feature is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Check out our pricing page for more information about our plans available.

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Table of contents

How search works

Dovetail uses semantic search to display results based on the intent and context of your search query. This allows you to find what you're looking for without needing any prior knowledge of note titles, highlight content, or tag names.

  • To find existing data in your workspace, click on the global search bar and enter your query.

Search will retrieve and rank results based on meaning as well as keywords. This means results don’t have to match keywords exactly, nor do they have to match on meaning necessarily. Results that do both will be considered more relevant in search.

💡 Search tip

Longer queries will return more accurate search results. This means you can enter your search using natural language and in a way that makes sense to you. For example, “user problems with search interface”, “reasons for customer churn”, “why users are angry at <company>”.

Summarize your search results

Generate a magic summary of your search results. This summary will be automatically created using the top 50 highlights in your results. At this time, it will not surface content from notes, insights, or tags.

When your search results contain highlights, a summary will be automatically generated, but you can also manually generate a summary by clicking Summarize in the top right.

Refine your search results

After entering your search, you may want to refine the search results further. Dovetail offers multiple ways to do this.

Return exact matches

Add quotation marks to your search terms to return exact results for that phrase. Without quotes, searches will also return results for similar terms. For instance, searching for Manager, will also return results for Managing or Management.

Filter search results

Dovetail’s search supports filtering results by the following fields. Please note that not every field listed below will be available when looking at different types in search – for example, you won’t be able to filter by ‘published’ when looking at notes only.

  • Title (text) – The plain title of the project, note, tag, or insight.

  • Content (text) – The content of the note, tag, insight, or highlight.

  • Note (multi select) – A specific note.

  • Tag (multi select) – A specific tag.

  • Project (multi select) – A specific project.

  • Folder (multi select) – A specific folder.

  • Note board (multi select) – A specific note board.

  • Note group (multi select) – A specific note group.

  • Tag board (multi select) – A specific tag board.

  • Tag group (multi select) – A specific tag group.

  • Created (date) – When the object was created.

  • Updated (date) – When the object was last updated.

Sort your results

By default, results are sorted by Relevance, but this can be changed to their Created or Updated date or alphabetically by Name by adjusting the sorting filter at the left of the filter bar.


Do you train on user data for semantic search or magic summaries?

No, we use a generic AI model and don’t feed it any training data to ensure user data is kept private.

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About us
© Dovetail Research Pty. Ltd.
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