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Create highlight reels

Highlight reels combine your chosen audio and video highlights into a single reel, giving you a compelling way to present your data.

To get started, click "Reel" while inside an insight, and add highlights to your reel from the reference picker, or by dragging from elsewhere in the insight.

Note: A highlight reel only supports highlights that have audio or video. Text highlights that are added to the reel won’t appear.

Adding a reel to an insight

Add a reel to an insight by clicking the button in the insight editor toolbar. Your insight will be added to the body of the editor where you have selected.

Adding highlights to your reel

Adding highlights from the reference picker

From your new reel, select the [+] button, or “Add to reel”, or open the reference picker and select “Highlights”. You can insert at the end of the timeline, or a specific point in the timeline using the selection cursor or via drag-and-drop. Only video or audio highlights will appear during playback.

Note: you can add highlights from any project by adjusting your filters.

Adding highlights from your insight

You can add highlights that are already in your insight to your reel by dragging them into the reel component.

Note: you can drag highlights back out of the reel to appear by themselves in the insight as well!

Editing your reel

Re-ordering highlights in your reel

You can reorder your highlights by dragging them through the reel timeline. You can also place a new highlight anywhere you want in the timeline by dragging it into the desired spot.

Previewing your highlight

You can preview your highlight while it’s in the timeline by hovering over the highlight. You can also navigate to the original source of the highlight by clicking on the card.

Editing your highlights

To edit your highlight length or transcript text, you need to change the original highlight in the note. You can navigate to your highlight by hovering over the highlight and clicking on the preview card. See here for further details.

Download your reel

It's possible to download highlight reels to your computer in .mp4 format:

  1. Open the highlight reel's Actions (•••) menu.

  2. Click Download.

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