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Summarizing your data
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Summarizing your data

Note and insight summaries

Save time identify key themes in interviews, documents, or customer feedback, and turn them into valuable insights using AI. Add data to your notes and insights, and we'll automatically generate a summary of the themes.

Here’s how to get started using AI to summarize your data:

  1. Add content to your note or insight.

  2. Click the "Summarize" button in the toolbar (on notes it will be under "Automation"), and your summary will be added to the top of your page.

Adjusting the summary

Once you’ve summarized, click ‘Adjust’ in the contextual menu to modify your summary, using the following options:

  • Different summary: Reruns the summarization.

  • Bullets (default for notes): Creates a bullet point summary.

  • Paragraph (default for insights):  Creates a paragraph summary.

Editing an AI summary

Anyone with edit permissions can change the text inside the AI summary card, so you can tweak the summary the AI has created.

Clicking 'Adjust' will update all the text inside the card, including any manual changes you’ve made. This cannot be undone, so if you think you might want to return to a summary, we recommend copy pasting it before you try the adjustment options.

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Pete Binns

Product Designer

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Last updated 5 June 2023

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