Alastair Simpson
VP of Design, Dropbox
Brindha Kumar
Charlie Yuncken
Video Producer, Dovetail
Chloe Garnam
Cori Widen
User Research Team Lead, Lightricks
Eleanor Johnson
Founder, Flowers Consults
Erik Goyette
Senior UX Researcher, Shopify
James Vinh
President, San Diego Experience Design Professionals
Janelle Ward
Principal Consultant, Janelle Ward Insights
Jeanette Fuccella
Director, Research & Insights,
Kathleen Asjes
Research & Insights leader (independent), Stippen Consulting
Ki Aguero
UX Research Lead, Ford Motor Company
Leisa Reichelt
Head of Research and Insights, Atlassian
Liam Bray
Co-founder, Designing with AI Lab, The University of Sydney
Lisa Nguyen
Mary Mikhail
User Experience Researcher, Kira Systems
Pascal Wicht
Founder, Whispers & Giants
Scott Newman
Sean Bruce
Content Editor, Dovetail
Tia Alisha
Art Director, Dovetail
Weidan Li
Design research lead & coach, SEEK
Yaron Cohen
Senior Design Researcher and Design Research Chapter Lead, Royal Bank of Canada
Zoë Rose
Lead, Great Question