Introducing Outlier: Quality content for craft lovers
Introducing Outlier
15 September 2022
An outlier is an anomaly; the exception to the rule. In this way, it speaks to the firebrands, rebels, and agent provocateurs who shape the world around us.
Challenging the status quo and inspiring, Outlier hosts stories about the products, people, and organizations who are contributing to a better world by improving the quality of every thing—this includes everything from profiles, to interviews with industry titans, along with opinion pieces and commentary analysis.
Outlier features everything from interviews to influential quotes
Immersive, interactive, and accessible
Outlier aims to provide something for everyone who is passionate about products and hungry for content to help master their craft. To make this content as accessible as possible, expect a wide range of mediums, including:
  • Writing, from long-form articles to opinion pieces and interviews. This will make up a large part of our offering plus imagery for all our visual learners.
  • Audio files mean you can listen (and re-listen) to our upcoming podcast episodes via Outlier. We also have a new quote article type that highlights short, thought-provoking statements to get your mind moving.
  • Imagery and video are incorporated throughout, aiming to provide creative inspiration and showcase educational infographics we hope will enrich your experience.
Thought-provoking statements to get your mind moving
Stay ahead of the curve
We’re going broad with categories on Outlier—providing three major umbrellas for content to fall under.
Thinking is where we house profiles and interviews with notable names in the industry. This is where big hitters will provide their thoughts on a host of product-related topics. Expect long-form articles, video interviews, conversational podcasts, and thought-provoking quotes to fill your brain.
Trending is the home of short, digestible content that covers the latest industry news and trends. Think opinion pieces, for and against debates, analysis of current affairs, and incisive commentary, brought to you in various mediums.
Learning will focus on the practitioners and organizations at the coalface of world-class product development. This is where we tell your story and showcase how the best people and organizations operate. Our first video series in this category is already on its way.
Where the wild things are
Outlier is a home for product people. To achieve that, we’re going to need your help. In the past, your feedback has helped us shape the experiences we build. Get in touch with us if you have suggestions, feedback, or criticism. We’re all ears!

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