27 February 2024
A nuclear meltdown caused by design?
We speak with experts Robert Fabricant and Professor Cameron Tonkinwise about the history and importance of interface design.
Correction: We made an error in the previous version of this video and credited Robert Fabricant as the author of User Friendly. We sincerely apologise to Cliff Kuang, author of User Friendly, for our failure to appropriately acknowledge his work on his book when the book was introduced in this video at 0:55. We unlisted the original video and corrected the error. With the help of leading design minds Robert Fabricant and Professor Cameron Tonkinwise, we investigate how to think about interfaces. From nuclear reactors to gardening tools, we underscore what can go wrong when design isn’t considered, highlighting the evolution of design from aesthetics through to the craft we know today. If you enjoy conversations like this—be sure to join us at Insight Out ( With some of the brightest design minds in attendance, it’s a must-go for anyone passionate about the importance of design, research, and the products we bring into the world.

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