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Co:Z SFTP is a port of OpenSSH SFTP 6.4p1 for z/OS which adds support for z/OS datasets, catalogs, spool files, SMF, etc. This product is designed to work with secure SSH connections provided by z/OS OpenSSH (or IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH). The rich set of z/OS features in Co:Z SFTP are implemented in such a way as to be completely accessible from OpenSSH or standard-compliant SFTP products on other platforms.

Using Co:Z SFTP-server, systems with OpenSSH or another SFTP compatible client may transfer files directly to z/OS datasets and control all aspects of dataset allocation, formats, and codepage conversion. Co:Z SFTP retains compatibility with OpenSSH sftp, supporting the binary transfer of z/OS UNIX files, but also supports codepage and line terminator conversion.

Using Co:Z SFTP client, z/OS datasets and POSIX files can be transfered. The client may be used interactively or from a z/OS batch job (typically from within a Co:Z Batch job step).


The User's Guide contains many examples for using the Co:Z SFTP Server and Client.

For using the Co:Z SFTP Server, see:

For using the Co:Z SFTP Client see:


Supported Environments:

z/OS Host Requirements

Client Requirements