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Co:Z Batch is an IBM z/OS batch utility program that allows a Unix command or shell to be executed in a batch job step. As an alternative to confusing IBM utilities such as BPXBATCH, Co:Z Batch is designed to simplify the integration of z/OS Unix with batch jobs.

The Co:Z SFTP client, Co:Z Dataset Pipes commands, and Co:Z z/OS Utilities can easily be integrated with Co:Z Batch.


The Examples section in the Co:Z Batch User's Guide provides many examples including


Co:Z Batch is a utility that is similar to BPXBATCH, however it offers several improvements:

Features Comparison:

Same address space no yes yes yes
STDOUT/STD to dataset/sysout yes (1.7+) yes (1.7+) yes yes
STDIN from dataset/sysin no no yes yes
Run a default login shell yes no (unless root) no yes
Run a Unix command without a shell yes yes yes yes
Set ENV vars from JCL vars limited[1] limited[1] limited[1] yes
PARM= args support quoting no no yes yes
Override(set) step return code no no no yes

[1] One or more ENVAR() LE runtime options may be specified on the PARM to set environment variables using JCL variables.
The size of the entire PARM field is limited to 100 characters.