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The Co:Z Launcher was designed to allow any z/OS batch job to remotely launch a process on a distributed system, redirecting input and output from the remote process to traditional z/OS datasets or spool files. This functionality is particularly well suited for the IBM zEnterprise hybrid processor architecture, relocating traditional z/OS programs to z/BX blade servers running AIX, Linux, or Windows.

Remote processes are securely launched using proven SSH (Secure Shell) technology to the target platform, which may be Linux, Windows, or other Unix/POSIX platforms.

The remote/target process can use Dataset Pipes commands or APIs to "reach back" into the Co:Z Launcher jobstep and access z/OS datasets - by name or "DD" reference. These APIs allow for very flexible control over the conversion of record-oriented z/OS datasets to or from byte-stream pipes usable by the target application.

From the perspective of the z/OS operator, the job can be managed and controlled like other batch jobs. Output from long running remote processes is immediately available on SYSOUT spool files. z/OS console commands can be used to control, monitor the remote process. z/OS automation facilities can be engaged throughout to manage and control distributed processes started by the Co:Z Launcher.

Co:Z Target System Toolkit

If you wish to use the Co:Z Launcher to launch remote processes to non z/OS systems, install the associated Co:Z Target System Toolkit on each remote system. The Co:Z Target System Toolkit is available in many distributions. Refer to the download page for the complete list.

The Co:Z Target System Toolkit is Linux Standard Base 3.0 certified. Binary RPMS are available for any LSB 3.0 compliant Linux distribution on several hardware platforms, including IBM z Series. The Co:Z Target System Toolkit has also been certified by IBM's Chiphopper program.


The Co:Z Launcher Examples section of the user's guide provides several examples. Addtionally, the following recorded demos illustrating how to use the Co:Z Launcher may be useful.

The z/OS Hybrid Batch processing model demonstrates how the Co:Z Launcher can be used. Reviewing this model and the short introduction video are recommended.

Finally, The z/OS Hybrid Batch case studies that detail how to convert existing z/OS programs to run on a distributed system are detailed examples of using the Co:Z Launcher:


Supported Environments:

z/OS Host Requirements

Windows Target System Requirements

Unix/POSIX/Linux Target System Requirements