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z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing: Running SAS Programs with Co:Z

SAS programs have been run on the mainframe for over fifty years. They are used for data analysis certainly, but are also widely used to produce reports; many enterprises use SAS programs to process System Management Facility (SMF) data and produce usage and audit reports.

While the use of SAS on z/OS is still prevalent, there has been a significant shift over time to move this processing off platform; licensing cost consideration and overall workload reduction goals often factor into these decisions. IBM's recent roll out of zEnterprise hardware and associated BladeCenter extensions (zBX) make the practice of running SAS programs on distributed platforms even more enticing. Our Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit provides z/OS enterprise customers the opportunity to exploit this new hardware in a powerful way, and makes it easy to tightly integrate distributed processing with traditional batch workloads, an idiom we refer to as z/OS hybrid batch processing.

View the full paper: z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing: Running SAS Programs with Co:Z [PDF]

Download the SAS programs and sample JCL in order to test the example applications on z/OS and as z/OS Hybrid Batch applications using Co:Z Toolkit.

The case study examples are available for use under the Apache License, Version 2.