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Video redaction beta

Last updated15 February 2024
Read time2 min

This beta program entails turning on a new feature in your current Dovetail workspace, which will allow you to blur and mute sections of videos uploaded to notes and redact sections of the transcript. This change will be visible to everyone in your workspace and can be reverted at any time throughout the beta.

Workspace admins can enable beta features by navigating to ⚙️ Settings > Beta.

Enterprise beta feature

This feature is currently in beta for Enterprise workspaces and can be enabled by a workspace admin from within your workspace settings.

How to opt in

Table of contents

What to expect

While the beta feature is enabled in your workspace, you'll have the ability to blur and mute videos uploaded to notes, as well as the option to redact sections on transcripts.

Redactions and blurring will also be applied to relevant highlights in your project and their references within insights across your workspace. However, they'll need to be updated to display their redacted versions.

Learn more about updating references →

Please note

Highlights and references can take up to 2-3x their length for redactions to apply. For example, a 5 second highlight clip can take 10-15 seconds before it will appear as redacted.

During the beta period, we would love to hear what you think, so we ask that you share any feedback that you have by pressing Give feedback from within the redaction modal at any time.

Who can redact and restore data

Any manager or contributor in your workspace with Full access or Can edit permission to the project containing the data has the ability to redact or restore redacted data.

How to redact sections of your video

You can redact individual sections of a video within a note. This includes the ability to blur, mute all audio, and hide the text shown in the transcript.

  • To redact a specific section of a video, highlight a section of text in the transcript and select Redact from the action menu

  • From there, you can choose to redact video, audio, and transcript, or both from the redaction modal and press Redact.

How to blur your entire video

You also have the ability to blur an entire video within a note from start to finish.

  • To blur an entire video, click Actions (•••) in the top right corner of the video and select Blur video.

  • If you wish to unblur an entire video, click Actions (•••) again and press Unblur video.

Restore redacted data

You can restore data that has been blurred or muted from a video.

  • To restore data that was redacted from within the transcript, hover over the redacted section within your note and select Edit redaction.

  • From here, use the toggles to unblur or unmute the section of the video.

Please note that at this time, we do not support the restoration of redacted text. If you wish to restore any section of text into a transcript, this will need to be retyped manually.


Is blurring also applied to thumbnails of the video?

Yes! Thumbnails to the video across your workspace will also be blurred, however, this does not happen immediately, so we recommend waiting until it has been applied to all references before sharing.

Are subtitles also redacted?

Yes, subtitles will also be redacted, but you'll need to refresh your page for them to update.

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