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Simplified plans and navigation

We’ve changed our plan names and navigation in Dovetail. These changes are rolling out to all Dovetail workspaces from 25 October 2022. There is no impact on your bill or user permissions, and no action required from you.

New plan names

We’ve moved from product names to plans which better reflects the functionality and is is easier for your users and workspace admins to understand. These changes are reflected in our help center, in user management, in billing, and on our website.

  • Markup is now Projects.

  • Playback is now Collections.

  • Backstage is now People.

Simplified navigation

You’ll no longer need to switch between products to navigate. With this change, everything you need is only one click away in the top navigation.

  • Access Home, Projects, Collections, and People based on your role.

  • Discover both Stories and Collections under the Collections tab.

  • Switch workspaces and log out in the profile menu.

  • Click the cog (⚙️) to access workspace settings.

No billing or access changes

These changes have no impact on how much you pay for Dovetail or who has access to what within Dovetail. There is no action required on your part—we’re simply doing some spring cleaning to improve the user experience.

If you have any questions or need help with these changes, feel free to reach out in our Slack community or contact our support team.

What will this change look like for users?

All users will be able to access Home. The buttons to access Projects, Collections and People will only appear in workspaces for users with the appropriate access (Manager, Contributor or Viewer access).

For example, if User A had access to Markup and Playback only, they will now have access to Home, Projects and Collections. They will not be able to see the button to People in the top navigation (nor will they have access in another way).

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Benjamin Humphrey

Co-founder / CEO

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Revenue Team

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Last updated 12 May 2023

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