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Previewing and highlighting documents
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Previewing and highlighting documents

You can upload files to Insights and Notes. A preview of your file will appear, allowing you to highlight, tag, comment and search text content for the following file types:

  • PDFs (.pdf)

  • Microsoft Word documents (.docx)

  • Microsoft Powerpoint files (.pptx)

  • Keynote presentations (.key)

  • Apple Pages (.pages)

Note: preview won't be available for other filetypes, e.g. zip files

Previewing a document

When previewing a document in Dovetail, you have three view options to choose from: Full document, Single page, and Card. To access these options, click on the "More" button in the preview window.

Full document view allows you to see the entire document at once, making it perfect for analysis. Single page view shows only one page at a time, which is ideal for presenting specific information to stakeholders. In contrast, Card view displays a compact attachment without a preview.

To navigate quickly between pages in Dovetail, use the page drop-down menu. Simply click on it to reveal a list of available pages and select the page you want to view. In Single page view, you can also use this menu to change the cover page displayed.

Highlighting documents

Highlighting and tagging documents in Dovetail is a great way to emphasize important sections of your research. Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a note and upload your file

  2. Select the text you want to tag

  3. Click into Find or create a tag...

  4. Choose an existing tag, or click Create… to create a new tag.

Highlights in a document cannot be resized once they’re created. If you need to make any changes, you’ll need to remove all tags on the highlight and create it again.

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Last updated 28 April 2023

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