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Making your workspace work for you

Dovetail allows you to build a customer-centric culture by showcasing insights that inspire teams to focus on solving the right problems. Your workspace is intentionally flexible, allowing you to customize your workspace to make it work for your insight hub needs.

If your organization has many teams, product areas, divisions or entities, you may be wondering what is the right set up for you.

When to create a single workspace

We recommend creating a single workspace if you want to be able to share insights with anyone across your organization.

We offer many admin and security features to ensure all of your customer data is secure, such as workspace roles, custom data retention and folder and project permissions, so you can share insights without worrying about exposing sensitive data. Taking this approach to setting up your workspace also enables you to take advantage of our powerful global search functionality.

Having everyone in your team collaborating in the same workspace also gives you greater flexibility to restructure your workspace as your organization evolves.

Finally, a single workspace is the way to go if you want to be able to standardize how research is conducted or are passionate about best practices, leveraging features on our Business + plans like workspace tag boards and templates.

When to create multiple workspaces

We recommend creating multiple workspaces if you need to segregate your data, or house it in different regions.

This approach is also recommended if your teams use different authentication providers, or if there is a need to ensure the separation of data between teams.

This is also the best approach for agencies working with multiple clients where data separation is critical.

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Michelle MacRae

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Pat Barlow

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Last updated 14 April 2023

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