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Will my data be secure?

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Data security with Dovetail AI

Will my data be secure?

We understand research data can contain a lot of personal information or commercially sensitive information, and participants trust you to keep it safe. That’s why we are committed to keeping this data secure and confidential.

We employ a number of technical and organizational measures to protect your data when you use Dovetail, and your use of our AI features is no exception. For example, we limit the number of sub-processors we use, and our AI features are powered by tailored AI infrastructure on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can read more about our data handling practices in our MSA (see in particular section 4, section 6 and section 11), our privacy policy, our data processing agreement, and our security center.

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Bethany Lo Russo

Legal Counsel

Christopher Manouvrier

Principal Software Engineer

Pete Binns

Product Designer

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Last updated 9 May 2023

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