Changes to the Analysis + Repository plan
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Changes to the Analysis + Repository plan

On 13 April 2022, all Analysis + Repository subscriptions will be automatically upgraded to Projects Team, Collections Pro, and People Pro. The Analysis + Repository plan will no longer be offered after this date.

All the existing features in the Analysis + Repository plan will continue to be available across both of these new products.

Projects Team includes everything you need to analyze qualitative data:

  • Workspace tags and fields

  • Project views and affinity mapping (new!)

  • Customized project templates

  • Project access control

  • Saved transcription vocabulary

  • 50 transcription hours / month

  • Unlimited free viewers

Collections Pro includes everything you need to build a searchable research repository:

  • Stories and rich research reports

  • Files, file previews, and unlimited file storage

  • Read receipts and viewer analytics

  • Saved feeds and customizable home

  • Unlimited free viewers

Pricing for Projects Team

The pricing for Projects Team is:

  • Monthly: $35 / user / month

  • Yearly: $30 / user / month (billed yearly)

Projects Team includes unlimited free viewer users. Any price changes will come into effect at your next renewal and will appear on your next bill. There won’t be any changes to the fees payable during your current billing period, unless you add any users after 13 April 2022. Any users added after this date will charged on a pro-rated basis, calculated on the pricing listed above. You can review your next bill in your subscription billing details.

Free access to Collections Pro and People Pro

Existing Analysis + Repository customers will get free and unlimited access to Collections Pro until 1 December 2022. You’ll be able to add unlimited users and viewers, and get continued access to every new Collections feature we release. You will also get free access to 1,000 additional participants in People Pro at no cost until 1 December 2022.

Any Collections users or People usage will be included in your first bill after 1 December 2022, and we’ll remind you at least 30 days before so that you can adjust your subscription if required. You can review the pricing for Collections and People on our pricing page.

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Kai Forsyth

Product Manager

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Last updated 21 March 2023

2 min read

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