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Appendix A. Compiling the Co:Z target system sources

Note: These sources have been built on a variety of POSIX systems, but we offer no guarantees for your particular system. If you have difficulty building, please feel free to contact us regarding our testing and certification schedule.

  1. Transfer (in binary) the coz.v.r.m-src.tar.gz file included in the Co:Z distribution to your target system.

  2. Unpack the source:

    $ mkdir cozbuild
    $ cd cozbuild
    $ tar xzvf ../coz.v.r.m-src.tar.gz
  3. Build and install:

    AIX Note: If you wish to build with xlC, you will need to export CXX=xlC prior to the following steps.

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ make install

Note: the installation directory must be in the default PATH used when logging into sshd.

On some some distros, you may need to update /etc/profile to add binaries to PATH

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