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1. Introduction

The Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit for z/OS consists of the following components:

  • Co:Z SFTP: OpenSSH SFTP extended to support Datasets, SMF logging, FTP compatible user exits, and SAF/RACF Digital Certificate authentication. See the Co:Z SFTP User's Guide.

  • Co:Z Launcher: The Launcher is a batch utility which remotely launches a process on a distributed system, redirecting input and output from that process to traditional z/OS datasets or spool files. Remote processes are securely launched using proven SSH (Secure Shell) technology to the target platform, which may be Linux, Windows, or other Unix/POSIX environments. See the Co:Z Launcher User's Guide.

  • Co:Z Dataset Pipes: The Dataset Pipes commands provide flexible conversion between z/OS data sets and byte streams. These commands may be used locally or over an ssh connection. See the Co:Z Dataset Pipes User's Guide.

  • Co:Z Batch: An improved replacement for BPXBATCH. This utility is often used in conjunction with Co:Z Dataset Pipes, Co:Z z/OS Utilities or Co:Z SFTP. See the Co:Z Batch User's Guide.

  • Co:Z z/OS Utilities: The Co:Z z/OS Utilities are z/OS Unix System Services commands that can be used to access a variety of z/OS artifacts and services. See the Co:Z z/OS Utilities User's Guide.

1.1 Packaging

The Co:Z Toolkit consists of two packages:

Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS

  • Package contents:

    • Co:Z Launcher

    • Co:Z Dataset Pipes

    • Co:Z SFTP (client and server)

    • Co:Z Batch

    • Co:Z z/OS Utilities

    • Sample JCL

  • z/OS Host requirements:

    • V2R1 or later, with a minimum machine architecture of z10 and above

    • z/OS OpenSSH or IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH

      z/OS V2R2 includes OpenSSH. Earlier versions of z/OS require IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH v1.2 (or later) to be installed. See the version of our Quick Install Guides matching your z/OS OpenSSH version for additional information.

Co:Z Target System Toolkits


Target system toolkits are only required by the Co:Z Launcher and / or remote Dataset Pipes components. All other toolkit components (e.g. Co:Z SFTP) run on z/OS and do not require target system toolkit installation.

The Co:Z Toolkit for Target Systems are supported on a wide variety of distributed platforms, including Linux, Windows, or other Unix/Posix platforms.

  • Package Contents:

    • Co:Z Launcher Agent

    • Co:Z Dataset Pipes client commands

  • Windows Target System Toolkit requirements:

    • Supports the following Windows environments: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server

    • Requires the Cygwin environment.

    • OpenSSH sshd (installed via Cygwin)

    • sshd_config AllowTcpForwarding=yes for target userid

  • Unix/Linux/Posix Target System Toolkit requirements:

    • OpenSSH sshd

    • sshd_config AllowTcpForwarding=yes for target userid

    • Source code is also available for the traditional configure, make, make install process.

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