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2. Co:Z Launcher Installation

In order to use the Co:Z Launcher to enable z/OS batch jobs to remotely launch a process on a distributed system, installation is required for the Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS. Additionally, the Co:Z Target System Toolkit must be installed on the remote systems that you have identified.

2.1 Co:Z Launcher environment requirements

  • z/OS requirements

    • Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS

    • Batch job userid allowed to listen on local port; OMVS segment required

  • Target System requirements:

    • Co:Z Target System Toolkit

    • OpenSSH sshd

    • sshd_config AllowTcpForwarding=yes for target userid

2.2 Co:Z Launcher Quick Start

After completing the installation of the Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS and the Co:Z Target System Toolkit on the remote system, the following are the minimum steps to get started using Co:Z Launcher. For more detailed information, see the remaining chapters in this guide.

On z/OS:

  1. Edit //COZUSER.COZ.SAMPJCL(COZCFGD), updating the server-path variable with your installation directory.

  2. Edit //COZUSER.COZ.SAMPJCL(COZPROC), updating the LIBRARY and COZCFGD arguments with your installation datasets.

  3. Verify that /etc/ssh/sshd_config has AllowTcpForwarding=yes. If not set, update the sshd configuration. Restart SSHD with the following:

    kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

  4. Test that the z/OS user running Co:Z Launcher jobs can SSH to the target system without an interactive password.


    See OpenSSH keypair authentication for additional information, if needed.

  5. Create and test JCL similar to the example provided here: Running with an OpenSSH keypair. This JCL is also included in //COZUSER.COZ.SAMPJCL(RUNLNCH).

  6. Once this test job runs successfully, experiment by trying Co:Z Launcher Examples. See General Dataset Pipes Examples for some Dataset Pipes commands to add to your JCL.

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