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Our flagship product, the Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit for z/OS is used widely throughout the z/OS community. Our users have discovered that Co:Z offers them the essential tools they need to connect their z/OS platforms to other computing environments securely and reliably.

While Co:Z can be used in a number of different ways, the primary use cases are:

  • z/OS Enabled SFTP

  • Co:Z SFTP is a port of OpenSSH SFTP for z/OS which adds support for z/OS datasets, catalogs, spool files, SMF, etc. This product is designed to work with secure SSH connections provided by z/OS OpenSSH (or IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH). The rich set of z/OS features in Co:Z SFTP are implemented in such a way as to be completely accessible from OpenSSH or standard-compliant SFTP products on other platforms.

    The Co:Z SFTP client and Co:Z Batch are frequently used together.

  • z/OS Hybrid Batch

  • Co:Z is perfectly positioned to allow our customers to relocate traditional z/OS programs to servers running AIX, Linux, or Windows. We refer to this model as z/OS Hybrid Batch processing*.

    View a ten minute video: Introduction to z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing View recording

    The following are key principals of z/OS Hybrid Batch processing:

    • The ability to execute a program or script on a distributed (target) system from a z/OS batch job
    • The target program may already exist and should require little or no modification
    • The target program's input and output are redirected from/to z/OS spool files or data sets
    • The target program may access other z/OS resources: DD's, data sets, UNIX files and programs
    • The target program's exit code is adopted as the z/OS job step condition code

    The Co:Z Launcher and Co:Z Dataset Pipes components are key to supporting z/OS Hybrid Batch. See the case studies below for examples illustrating this model in detail. See z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing Model for a more detailed description including an architectural diagram.

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  • z/OS Remote Services

  • The commands provided by the Co:Z Dataset Pipes component enable z/OS services and data to be incorporated into standard workloads running on AIX, Linux, or Windows. We refer to this model as z/OS Remote Services.

    View a ten minute video: Introduction to z/OS Remote Services View recording

    See z/OS Remote Services Processing Model for a more detailed description.

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  • z/OS Unix Batch Integration

  • Co:Z Batch is an IBM z/OS batch utility program that allows Unix commands (including shell scripts) to be executed in a batch job step. Co:Z Dataset Pipes commands and Co:Z z/OS Utilities are easily integrated with Co:Z Batch jobs. Co:Z Batch can also be used to script a Co:Z SFTP client job that, for example, transfers a remote file to a z/OS dataset.

Browse Co:Z's capabilities by learning more about each of the Co:Z Toolkit components and add-ons (see links on the right), then download the product. No registration or installation keys are required.

Co:Z Case Studies

Co:Z Toolkit Components

z/OS enabled SFTP server and client
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Cooperative z/OS Hybrid Batch processing
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Dataset conversion between byte streams and z/OS Datasets and POSIX files
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Co:Z z/OS Utilities
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Co:Z Toolkit Components