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ssh-proxyc enables an ssh client to connect thru a SOCKS-5 proxy to remote host

Some installations do not allow for direct ssh outbound communication, but require connection through a SOCK5 proxy server. The ssh option ProxyCommand can specify an external program that will perform the SOCKS negotiation.

On most platforms, netcat is used as the proxy command. Traditionally, netcat would negotiate the SOCKS protocol, then act as a conduit for the I/O between ssh and the destination. However, newer versions of netcat support passing the fd for the connected socket back to the caller so that once the SOCKS negotiation is complete, the proxy command can exit and not be required for the I/O. The OpenSSH 6.4 option ProxyUseFDPass enables this support in the ssh client.

ssh-proxyc is a narrowly scoped modification of netcat that supports just the SOCKS negotiation and FDpass capabilities. It is based on the netcat sources taken from OpenBSD version 5.7 (see

This software is provided ASIS, and we do not have a commercial support option for it. Our z/OS community tools forum can be used for questions and issues.

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