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How to use workspace tags in Dovetail

14 February 2023
Patrick Sweeney
Lisa Nguyen
As researchers, it’s essential to reduce complexity.

When research teams grow, tagging taxonomies can become large and the quality, efficiency, and usability of research can suffer. To combat this, extension tags let you create standardized tag boards that can be reused across multiple projects. Extension tags keep research efficient and organized by reducing cognitive load for researchers and stakeholders.

Here's how to get started with extension tags:

Identify candidates for extensions

  • Start with a list of your commonly used tags. Your team can brainstorm different categories, such as jobs to be done, needs, personas, emotions, or features.

  • Group similar tags. Once you have a list of potential tags, group them into categories and subcategories. This will help you logically structure your global tag boards and quickly tag patterns and themes.

Create your extension tags

  • To access extensions, navigate to Settings and click Extensions. To create a new group of extension tags, click New extension, then select New tag board. From here, you can name your extension and extension tags.

  • Group your tags into boards. For example, if you’re creating an extension for jobs to be done, it could be helpful to group your tags into jobs, job roles, customer journey stage, and needs.

Adding, testing and refining your extension tags

Once you have created your extension tags, test them out on a sample of user research data. To add an Extension to your project, click your projects title in the left sidebar to reveal the dropdown menu. From here, select Extensions.

To add an extension, select its name and click Confirm when asked if you’d like to add it to your project.

Once you’ve added your extension tags, you will be able to access them from any note!

That’s it! Now you have all you need to keep your research efficient and standardized. Jump into Dovetail to get started with extension tags today.

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