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ContributorsHugh Good

Hugh Good

Global Market Intelligence & Research Manager

Hugh has over 15 years of market research experience, many spent working in partnership with some of the world's largest market research agencies. Hugh has a Master's degree in Business Psychology from The University of Waikato in New Zealand.

Skills and expertise
Market researchProduct developmentCustomer researchSurveysResearch methods

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Articles written by Hugh
AI has arrived – What does this mean for market researchers right now?

Last updated 16 November 2023

Articles reviewed by Hugh
Customer engagement 101: The complete guide

Last updated 21 February 2023

What is customer obsession?

Last updated 2 April 2023

What is customer segmentation?

Last updated 11 May 2023

Consumer insights: A quick guide

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What is a longitudinal study?

Last updated 20 February 2023

What is quantitative research?

Last updated 20 February 2023

What you need to know about ethnography

Last updated 7 February 2023

A guide to coding qualitative research data

Last updated 12 February 2023

What is an independent variable?

Last updated 14 February 2023

What is causal research design?

Last updated 14 May 2023

What is structured data?

Last updated 27 February 2023

What is a control group?

Last updated 6 February 2023

What is inductive reasoning?

Last updated 6 February 2023

What are research skills?

Last updated 26 April 2023

What is a population of interest?

Last updated 22 May 2023

Market intelligence: A quick guide

Last updated 22 May 2023

What is market segmentation?

Last updated 18 March 2023

An introduction to customer analysis

Last updated 14 March 2023

What is risk analysis?

Last updated 6 April 2023

Why is customer loyalty important?

Last updated 28 February 2023

What is a representative sample?

Last updated 1 May 2023

13 common customer types

Last updated 29 April 2023

What is a PEST analysis?

Last updated 20 March 2023

What is the false consensus effect?

Last updated 7 February 2023

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