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Dataset Pipes provides many commands and shell utilities that enhance the z/OS Unix environment. The original Dataset Pipes commands, todsn and fromdsn provide flexible conversion between byte streams and z/OS Datasets. POSIX files are also supported: The tofile and fromfile commands can be used to read and write POSIX files with codepage translation and line terminator conversion.

The command set includes a wide range of z/OS utilities for displaying JES job and spool file status, listing z/OS catalogs, issuing messages using Write To Operator (WTO), enabling ssh client authentication via SAF/RACF Digital Certificates, to name a few. Refer to the features section below for the complete command set.

Co:Z Dataset Pipes can be used in the following modes:


The Command Reference has a few examples following the description of each command. Additionally, the Dataset Pipes Examples section of the User's Guide provides many more examples.

For a simple example using Dataset Pipes commands in a Co:Z Batch job, see the Examples section of the Co:Z Batch User's Guide.

The following case studies also provide examples of how Dataset Pipes commands can be used. The todsn, fromdsn and toasa commands, along with the Co:Z Launcher component, are used to illustrate the conversion of existing z/OS programs to run on distributed systems (examples of the z/OS Hybrid Batch processing model):

Finally, for examples of running Dataset Pipes commands independently of Co:Z (i.e. with a remote client initiating a connection to z/OS), see section Running Dataset Pipes of the User's Guide.