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Appendix H. Co:Z Environment Variables

The following table describes the environment variables defined by the Co:Z Toolkit. These variables can be set to override default behavior.

Table H.1. Environment variables

COZ_SERVER_KEEPALIVECo:Z LauncherInterval in seconds Co:Z Server sends a NOOP packet. This option sends out actual data packets at the application level for situations where TCP_KEEPALIVE does not work due to firewall configuration. By default, this feature is not enabled.
COZ_SERVER_TCP_KEEPALIVECo:Z LauncherInterval in seconds Co:Z Server sets the TCP_KEEPALIVE socket option. Note that this setting must be lower than the time that any firewall(s) may time out the connection. By default, this feature is not enabled.
COZ_SSH_CMDRemote Dataset Pipes (Co:Z Target System Toolkit)Specifies an alternate executable for the SSH client used to connect to z/OS. By default, this is ssh. For example, to use the PuTTY command line client plink instead of ssh set COZ_SSH_CMD=/path/to/plink.
COZ_SSH_OPTSRemote Dataset Pipes (Co:Z Target System Toolkit)Convenience setting for supplying SSH options, including userid and host when making remote dataset pipes calls. For example, the command fromdsn -ssh user@host //mydsn can be simplified to fromdsn //mydsn if COZ_SSH_OPTS is set to user@host. This is very handy for repeated use of the remote dataset pipes commands.
COZ_SSH_SUBSYSRemote Dataset Pipes (Co:Z Target System Toolkit)Specifies an alternate SSH server subsystem name for Dataset Pipes. By default, this is dspipes.
COZ_CLIENT_CODEPAGERemote Dataset Pipes (Co:Z Target System Toolkit)Changes the default client code page, which is used for codepage translation in text mode data transfers (i.e. if the -t is not supplied). By default, the default client code page is set the result of the POSIX system call nl_langinfo(CODESET).
COZ_DEFAULT_LOGSTREAMCo:Z Log (all contexts)Changes the default stream that the Co:Z Log facility writes its messages to. By default, this is the stderr stream.
COZ_LOGCo:Z Log (all contexts)Sets default logging options for the Co:Z Log facility.
COZ_STRICT_CERT_CHECKCo:Z Launcher, Co:Z SFTPAffects the level of RACF digital certificate checking performed when authenticating. If set to true (the default), strict checking (e.g. certificate expiration date) is performed.
SFTP_LOGFILECo:Z SFTPPathname of file to where Co:Z SFTP log/debug messages are written. The default is /tmp/sftp-server.<userid>.<...>.log
SFTP_LOGDIRCo:Z SFTPDirectory name (without trailing slash) where Co:Z SFTP log files are created, rather than /tmp or $TMPDIR. This variable is ignored if SFTP_LOGFILE is set.
SFTP_ZOS_OPTIONSCo:Z SFTPUsed to set a default Co:Z SFTP options string for the user. There is no default. Example: SFTP_ZOS_OPTIONS=mode=text,l=crlf. To set Co:Z SFTP Server options, this variable is exported in the user's sftp-server.rc file. To set Co:Z SFTP client options, export this environment variable prior to running cozsftp

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