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5. Automation with System Console Messages

If console messages are needed for automation, the following methods can be used:

5.1 Console Notification Co:Z SFTP Option (Notify)

By setting the Co:Z SFTP notify option, WTO messages can be written on completion of the following commands: put, get, rm and rename. These command completion messages are supported by the Co:Z SFTP client and server. The message text written to the sytem console is configurable in the sitewide server and client configuration files. See Section C.1, “Specifying notification (immutable) options” for information on the message template configuration and Section B.1, “General transfer options” for information on the notify option.

5.2 Post Completion Exit (CZPOSTPR)

The Co:Z SFTP server supports a user post completion exit (CZPOSTPR) which is compatible with the FTPOSTPR exit supported by the IBM z/OS FTP server. A customer may implement this exit to write WTO messages as required for an installation's automation needs. For additional information, see the Co:Z SFTP Exits Guide.

5.3 SMF Exit

Co:Z SFTP writes SMF type 119 records that capture file transfer completion details. A customer may implement a SMF exit to write WTO messages as required for an installation's automation requirements. For additional information on the records written by the Co:Z SFTP server and client, see Appendix E, SMF Information.

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