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3. Operation

The Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy is a Java application that is started as a "daemon" process, typically on the same machine as the client FTP application. It will listen on a specified TCP/IP interface and port for SOCKS requests from FTP clients. The proxy can support multiple simultaneous users and connections.

To start the Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy from a Unix shell:

> cd /usr/local/ftpsshproxy
> ./ -h
ProxyServer - Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy - version: 0.1.0
ProxyServer - Copyright (C) Dovetailed Technologies, LLC. 2008. All rights reserved.
ProxyServer - listening on

When an FTP client connects via the proxy to an FTP server, the Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy log will show:

ProxyConnection[/] - proxy negotiated to /
FtpControlSession[/] - client login accepted for userid "kirk"
FtpControlSession[/] - SSH control channel started to
FtpControlSession[/] [/] - server login accepted for userid "kirk"

Once connected, the FTP session can be used normally. When the FTP client issues a command that requires a data connection (dir, put, get, etc):

FtpControlSession[/] [/] - server registered passive port: 5101
ProxyConnection[/] - proxy negotiated to /
FtpControlSession[/] - SSH data channel started to

When the FTP client disconnects:

FtpControlSession[/] [/] - disconnected SSH
ProxyConnection[/] [/] - control connection closed

3.1 Running Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy under z/OS batch

The JZOS Batch Launcher[5] available with the IBM Java SDKs for z/OS[6] can be used to run the Co:Z FTP-SSH Proxy as a z/OS batch job or started task. Sample JCL, with customization instructions, can be found in the CO:Z FTP-SSH Proxy installation directory in file ftpsshproxy.jcl.

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