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dsn_profile — profile information for dataset-name patterns




todsn and fromdsn read dataset-name profile information from /etc/dsn_profile, or if present ~/.dsn_profile. This file contains stanzas of the form:

program-name dataset-name-pattern
    keyword value
    keyword value

program-name must start in column 1 of the line and may be either todsn or fromdsn. Keyword value pairs are read until the start of a new stanza is encountered. Lines starting with '#' and empty lines are interpreted as comments.

dataset-name-pattern is a string conforming to the fnmatch() C library function pattern language.

The possible keywords and allowed values follow. Keywords are applicable to both todsn and fromdsn unless noted otherwise. Keywords and values are case-insensitive.

allocKeywords | alloc

bpxydyn dataset allocation options. For a complete list of options, see "Using REXX and z/OS UNIX System Services".


flexible | lf | cr | crlf | nl | crnl | rdw | mfrdw | 0xbb[bb..] | none.

flexible is only applicable to todsn.

openOptions | extraOpenOptions

Additional mode options to be added to the base options on the fopen() call.


the pad character.


One of: error | flow | trunc | wrap. This keyword is not applicable to fromdsn.


the dataset-name supplied is relative, and the MVS userid will be added.


the source character set.


the target character set.


trailing pad characters are trimmed.



Contains system wide profile data for fromdsn and todsn.


if present, will be read instead, allowing individual users to define their own profile data.


# Force dataset-name containing '.JCL' to be RECFM=FB and LRECL=80
todsn *.JCL*
     openOptions recfm=fb,lrecl=80

# Set the codepage and trim option for any dataset name ending with '.ASCII'
fromdsn *.ASCII
     targetCodePage ISO8859-1
     trim true     

See Also

fromdsn(1), todsn(1)

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