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1. Introduction

The Co:Z Launcher is a batch utility which remotely launches a process on a distributed system, redirecting input and output from that process to traditional z/OS datasets or spool files. Remote processes are securely launched using proven SSH (Secure Shell) technology to the target platform, which may be Linux, Windows, or other Unix/POSIX environments.

1.1 Co:Z Launcher Features

  • Securely launch and control remote processes (programs, scripts, etc.) from a z/OS batch job step or started task.

  • Redirect input and output of remote process to DDs in the launching job step.

  • Target process exit code is captured as job step condition code.

  • Co:Z Launcher job step acts as a server for z/OS dataset I/O.

  • z/OS console commands can be used to monitor, control, and send input to remote process.

  • Existing z/OS scheduling and automation facilities can be used to schedule, monitor, and control processes on all servers on the network.

  • Dataset Pipes client commands may be used in the target process to reach back and access datasets in the launching jobstep. These commands provide flexible conversion of z/OS datasets to streams for use in target applications. Options allow for control of line rules, translation, padding/truncation, dataset allocation and DCB processing.

  • SAF/RACF Digital Certificates may be used for client authentication.

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